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So in commemoration of the Season Finale next Thursday, lets have a little discussion! How do all of you think the Finale will end and who do you think Red John is? How will Grace's wedding go? Will Jisbon/Rigsby/Chisbon/Insertfavecouplehere be brought closer together, or pulled apart?

*SPOILERS for Rhapsody In Red*

I don't think I knew the meaning of the word sexy until I saw Patrick Jane play a musical instrument... :faint:

The relationship between Cho and the pickpocket was cute! ^_^ It was nice to see another side of Cho and focus more on him for an episode. I almost thought he'd end up getting suspended for trying to help this kid, but seeing Cho laugh at the end was totally worth the worry.

Awwww, Jane gave Lisbon a flower. :) Now just keep that up. That and sexy texts from Grace to Rigsby... XD


Well, team, this is it! The Season Finale is next Thursday and it's a full two hour event so be sure to tune in an hour early to catch Jane and the team as they finally meet Red John!!!! :O


--------IN THE NEWS-------

Want to cast your vote on who you think Red John's Mole is? --->…

Wanna see the preview for the next episode? Check it out on!…

Click here… to see pictures of the new episodes.

** Oh dear.... If you wanna know big spoilers for the season finale check this out… I swear if anything happens with one of my favorite characters, coughLisboncough, or the rest of the team, I'ma gonna be angry... >.<

* Will the season finale end with a wedding or a funeral? O.o According to this… cast members don't know what's going to happen to VanPelts' new fiance, Craig! The actor who plays Craig, Eric Winter, hasn't even been told if he's going to continue on to the 4th season...


*Wanna take the Mentalist video trivia?…

*Think you have what it takes to be a Carney? Play the Carney Lexicon game here…



"Mentalist, noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior."

The Mentalist tells the tale of Patrick Jane, who is employed as an independent counselor working with the California Bureau of Investigation to solve crimes. He was making a living as a psychic and would assist the police on cases -- only his life changed when he lost the two most important people in his life to one of those serial killers he was helping track. He uses his refined observation skills to help them solve cases. He works with Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon, Agents Kimball Cho & Wayne Rigsby and the rookie Grace Van Pelt.



"A great man once said, 'All the whole world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.'"


Patrick Jane - Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon - Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho - Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsy - Owain Yeoman
Grace VanPelt - Amanda Righetti
J.J. LaRoche - Pruitt Taylor Vince
Director Gale Bertram - Michael Gaston



The Mentalist and everything that has to do with it belongs to CBS and Bruno Heller. This is just a nice little fan community. Please do NOT sue us! :please:

~Jane Out! :iconmrjaneplz:
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"Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode..."

THURSDAY May 19, 2011 - 9/8C on CBS

Strawberries & Cream Part I :

Red John's CBI mole is revealed which leads to a highly emotional confrontation with Patrick Jane.

Strawberries & Cream Part II

Patrick Jane's explosive confrontation with Red John has unintended consequences.








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hello, im from argentina so i dont speak inglish very good :) please, sombody, can tell me who is red john ?? i need a link of a picture of red jhon :D
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I wanna join this groupim a big fan of the show :) who is red john ?? SPOILER : i think its this guy : [link]

because he appears in the 1 episode of the season 1 : crime scene =
the one of red john and season 3 crime scene : the one of a fake redjohn . why a guy who appears in season 1 would appears in the 3 in the crime scene of red john . In the first episode jane describe him : a person immoral dark and stuff and THEY SHOOKS HANDS !
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